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The Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) owns and operates this Website, located at http://gallery-finder.ca (the Web site). This Terms of Use Agreement (this Agreement) states the terms and conditions under which you may access and upload information to the Web site. You agree to have your organizations' information uploaded to a public interface accessible via Gallery-finder.ca (except in the case of specifically specified private information). You are responsible for obtaining the rights to reproduce the photographs and logos of your choice, and OAAG admits no responsibility or liability for any infringement of copyright held on this page. OAAG retains the right to flag any inappropriate content uploaded by users, and will terminate Association Membership of the offending Organization should this occur.


Gallery-finder.ca contains many links to outside participating member organizations and 3rd party sites like Google Maps. Gallery-finder.ca feels that this is an essential part of the site's overall functionality. Please contact the Ontario Association of Art Galleries to learn more about becoming a participating member organization at oaag@oaag.org.


All images and data concerning individual member organizations belong to the individual organizations. Reproduction is prohibited without the express written authorization of the copyright owner. The participating member organization owns and is responsible for all information and images uploaded to the site. Copying, redistribution, or exploitation for personal or corporate gain is not permitted. Requests to use images or information appearing on Gallery-finder.ca must be directed to the appropriate participating member organization. By Clicking Accept you also agree to the Terms of Photographic Use.